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FIAT 600 Trasformabile 1956 First Series

The Fiat 600 was one of the simbols of Italian Economic Miracle of the after war, together with the Television and washing machine. The "Trasformabile"model was produced only in the very early years of production, in '56 and '57 in a limited number in comparison with the Fiat 600 sedan, quite easy to find in pretty good condition.

This very nice Fiat 600 trasformabile is almost unique in this condition. Painted in the original Fiat light green, original plate of the age. 

The original document of first registration issued on 07/05/1956 in Enna (Sicily) is still available.

The vehicle was first sold in Enna, and never left the warm Sicily before now. That's why the car's body is in excellent condition, with no rust at all.

The first owner sold it out in 1993, when the actual owner made a complete restoration to bring the cr at hius original beauty.

After that it was never used, but kept in a dry and closeed store. Therefore, capote and interior are new, made of the original material.

Further words are useless to describe it, look at the pictures!!! You cannot miss to add this amazing car onto your classic cars collection.

Everything work properly, electric system, instrumentation, brake system, clucth, enginee.... We just made a full check and renewed the petrol tank, as well as the carburretor, electric and ignition, installed new spark plugs and cables. New tyres been provided.

It just passed the technical test in June 2018, valid till June 2020.

You can made any check, test and drive it back home anywhere.



  • Brand: FIAT
  • Model: Trasformabile Vetri Scorrevoli
  • Year: 1956
  • Mileage: 90531
  • Nr Owners: 2
  • External color: Light Green
  • Kind Gear: Manual 4 speed
  • No. Gears: 4
  • Displacement: 599
  • Cylinders: 4
  • LIcence plate: EN 4393
  • Chassis No.: 100 - No. 156950
  • Engine Type: 100.000 - No. 164917

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